Camp 42 is staffed and run entirely by adult volunteers (ages 18 and up) who take time off work or school to guide, challenge, listen to, chase after, and play outside with a big group of energetic, freethinking kids (and energetic, freethinking kids-at-heart!). Most Camp 42 volunteers love the experience so much that they keep coming back year after year.

In addition to at-camp staff positions, we also have several opportunities for those who aren’t able to come to camp or maybe love kids in theory but are allergic to them in person or for those who just can’t get enough Camp 42!

Available Volunteer At-Camp Staff Positions

Please note that all staff positions are unpaid volunteer positions.  Staff must also arrive at camp a day early, one day before the start of camp.  If you are interested in being on staff camp at any of our Camp 42 locations, please complete the Online Staff Application Form.  Staff applications open in January.  Our team of directors will review the applications on a rolling basis and accept new staff as needed, based on qualifications and the number of camper registrations.  Questions?  Please check out our Staff FAQ (link coming soon) and if you don’t find an answer to your question,  email Camp 42 Executive Director Amy Monsky.

  • Cabin Leaders stay at camp for the full session, sleep in the cabins with the kids (and at least one co-counselor), and participate in activities and programs with the campers and other counselors throughout the day. This is the most high-energy position, but also potentially the most rewarding.
  • Program Leaders plan, coordinate, and run programs and activities during the week of camp. Most Program Leaders stay for the full week of camp, but we occasionally have Program Leaders who only come for a day or two.
  • Camp Medical Officers are responsible for managing and dispensing medication and providing basic medical aid to campers and staff.

Year-Round Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in any of the opportunities below, please email Camp 42 Executive Director Amy Monsky.

  • Curriculum Development and Program Planning – If you are a teacher or have experience with writing lesson plans or if you have a great idea for a program or activity, we want to hear from you!  Program planning volunteers are not required to attend camp (unless you want to!).
  • Create Promotional Materials – Graphic design, print and electronic brochures, t-shirt design, etc. We need them.  Can you help us get them?
  • Website and Social Media – If website and social media are your thing and you want to make it our thing, too, we want to hear from you!
  • Organize a Fundraiser – Host a (dinner, wine tasting, game night, you name it) at your house and ask your friends to support Camp 42 by making a donation.  We’ll provide promotional materials and assistance.
  • Professional Services – We occasionally have a legal or accounting question.  If you are an attorney or accountant who would be willing to occasionally answer a question or two, we would greatly appreciate your service.
  • Grant Writing – There are many funding opportunities that we simply miss out on because we do not have the experience or time to write grants.  If you have the experience and the time to seek out and/or write grants, we would be very thankful to you!
  • Connect Camp 42 with Supporters – Are you personally familiar with a blogger, podcaster, author, musician, or other public figures who is supportive of Camp 42’s mission and would be willing to provide support by hosting an event, writing about us, provide advertising, or help in some other different-but-equally cool way?  Please help us make your friend’s acquaintance!
  • Connect Camp 42 with Businesses – Many businesses are happy to support positive youth development organizations like ours by providing monetary donations and or materials donations.  If you know of any and are willing to help solicit donations directly or connect us with these businesses so that we can solicit donations, please let us know.  We are a 501(c)3 organization and can provide the appropriate paperwork.