Darwin Week and Charleston STEM Festival

CQSC will participate in the College of Charleston’s Piccolo Darwin Week, which is also part of the 2014 STEM Festival. We’ll have a table set up at the kick-off event this Saturday, February 8, from 10am to 3pm at Liberty Square in downtown Charleston.

Evolution of the Universe…in a Necklace  – A bead for the galaxies, a bead for our solar system, a bead for life, and a bead for us ourselves! Participants will be able to easily recount the story of life after making a beautiful necklace of beads highlighting the major evolutionary events. There will be a retelling of the origin of the universe from the big bang to you.  (2013 campers will recognize this from a a similar necklace we made at camp this past summer.)

We are very excited to participate in this first-ever celebration of evolutionary science for children and youth!  If you’re in Charleston, please stop by!  We’ll be in the College of Charleston tent.

Click for more about the College of Charleston’s Darwin Week, Piccolo Darwin Week, the Charleston 2014 STEM Festival and its kick-off exhibits.