2021 Camp 42 T-Shirts

At camp, one of the favorite activities is Socrates Cafe, where campers discuss life’s big questions. Here they learn to listen to the viewpoints of others, hone their own ideas, and share their own viewpoints, all while maintaining a civil discourse. Like many of us, Socrates and Charlie have wondered about the meaning of life, and it is here, sitting around the campfire, that Socrates and Charlie discuss these big questions.

Now, many of you may think that you know the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, or, in other words, the answer to the ultimate question. You may think, therefore, that you know the ultimate answer. Understandably, you may think, “I know it! It’s 42!” We get you.

However, as noble and philosophical as these mental explorations may be, we submit that one very important element is lacking, and is so important that it can’t even be included in the umbrella of “everything.” Therefore, “42” is a great answer, but it’s not the ULTIMATE answer.

Fortunately for us, Charlie the Unicorn knows. It is, of course, CAMP!

Some say teamwork makes the dream work, and we think that’s an apropos description of what has just occurred here. Together, Socrates and Charlie did indeed find the ULTIMATE answer: CAMP 42!!

You can have your very own piece of this amazing illustration of the wonderful epiphanies that can happen when we have civil discourse because this year’s Camp 42 shirt shows exactly that! Please know that registered overnight campers and staff members do receive a free shirt, but nothing is stopping you from getting them a second or from getting this piece of awesomeness for yourself, another child, a grandparent, or even your own unicorn.

The deadline to ensure we are able to guarantee your size is midnight July 8. Any orders placed after that are subject to availability.

Shirts come in the following sizes and are $15 each, except where indicated:

  • Youth Small
  • Youth Medium
  • Youth Large
  • Youth Extra Large
  • Adult Small
  • Adult Medium
  • Adult Large
  • Adult Extra Large
  • Adult 2XL ($16)
  • Adult 3XL ($17)

Shipping is $5 for up to 2 and $8 for 3 or more. You may skip shipping and pick up at camp drop-off or pick-up, or if you live in the Charleston area and want to pick up from Amy directly.

To purchase, please click the Paypal link below and choose the appropriate amount based on the prices and shipping above, list the size(s) in the Notes section, and ensure your shipping address is correct. If you will be picking up in person, please note that in the Notes as well. We apologize for this clumsy way of ordering; we are apparently not tech-savvy enough with Paypal’s developer tools to be able to create a nice, easy user experience for you. We tried and, in the interest of keeping all hairs on our head intact, decided to go this route instead. If you have any problems or questions, please email us at info@camp42.org.

Your purchase helps support Camp 42’s campership fund. Proceeds from the sales of shirts are used to provide financial aid. Camp 42 believes that summer camp is a powerfully transformative experience, and we do not want a lack of money to stand between a child and camp if we can help it.